About Me

Hello and welcome. I am Betty Baggetta the publisher of this website. As you can see, by my profile photo, I am a retired senior, actually, I’m not retired since I am active in all of my interests and one of those interests is TRAVEL.

Over the years, my husband and I have traveled East, West, North, and South, on this marvelous planet we call Earth. We have used all modes of travel – auto, airlines, bus, cruise ships and even walking. We have stayed in all sort of accommodations, eaten in all sort or restaurants and eateries – always looking for adventure and excitement.

We passed this wanderlust onto our children and grandchildren (all adults) and through all of our experiences, stories, photos, and memories this website was born.

As we explore the joys of traveling, we will discuss the problems that may arise and how to overcome them, to turn your trip into a lifetime of memories. And, above all, we will present this with a bit of humor thrown in for good measure. We want you to have a wonderful life experience, by offering suggestions and answering your questions.

We are not travel agents, but we certainly are experienced and happy to be here for you.

Happy Travels in “A World of Joy”

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