When it comes to flying with several hundred people on an airplane, we have all been exposed to really rude fellow travelers.  It seems certain individuals are in their own little worlds and “to heck” with everyone around them. Here are some tips to keep you calm and stress-free so you can fly the skies … More AIRLINE ETIQUETTE OR HOW TO KEEP YOUR SANITY WHEN FLYING

TSA Checklist

This is the official TSA checklist that all flight travelers should review before going to the airport and approaching the security checkpoints. It will save a lot of time, delays and problems. If you, or your companion travelers, have any special needs, the many links within the checklist will answer all your relevant questions. … More TSA Checklist

The Journey Begins

TRAVEL – Is the fulfillment of our dreams to explore the wonders of the world Do you see yourself on a cruise, or lying on a sunny beach in some exotic destination? Maybe you prefer hiking, camping, backpacking or biking in some far off country – or right here in the good old U.S.A.? There … More The Journey Begins


A person may travel in any direction on this great planet of ours. We are limited only by our imagination. No matter how you plan to arrive at your destinations, if by auto, bus, air, or sea, you’re sure to see wondrous things along the way, and will return with many memories which will last … More Destinations